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New Officials FAQ

I got my badge, now what?

The following information will help answer any immediate questions you have when getting started with the EVO


If after reading this document, you have any questions related to assignments please contact the assignor directly at:


What is the Arbiter?

The Arbiter is the assigning system used by the EVO. It is an online program that helps organize matches & officials.


How do I get access to the Arbiter?

After your clinic, the EVO Development coordinator will add you to the arbiter. Once added you will receive a welcome notice, once you accept you can begin to fill in your profile and preferences which will allow you to obtain matches. The Development Coordinator or the Assignor should send you a couple “How to” documents that explain using the arbiter.


How do I get matches? 

Once your profile is completed, your arbiter will permit you to self assign to matches your badge level allows you to officiate. By using the self assign tab you can browse the matches available in the system. Please remember to vary the venues and levels of matches you are doing during the busy season.  Although self assign is utilized for the majority of the season, the Assignor will be monitoring assignments and has the right to remove officials from any assignments they see fit.


What are the different types of matches I can do?

When in the arbiter you will see varying types of matches listed. Always be sure to read the Match type, Level, Date and Time to be sure what you are taking matches your availability.  The system will identify if it is a Tournament, Double Header or Single games. Always remember the time listed on the assignment is the match start time, so arrival 30 minutes prior for league matches & tournaments is suggested when possible.


What does it mean if I sign up for a tournament?

If you sign up for a “Tournament – First Match Scheduled” You are committing to the full day at that event. The time listed in the arbiter will be the time of the first match. Once numerous officials have signed up, the assignor will then create a schedule and send it out to all officials involved approximately 4-5 days before the event where possible.

How do I remember all the rules specific to each assignment and its corresponding league?

On the website in General Resources, we have a League Specific Rules section. Please be sure to read these before doing any assignments for those leagues.


Can I cancel matches once I take them?

Once you take a match, you can not Unassign yourself directly. If something comes up and you need to give back the match, please contact the assignor.  48 hours notice is required to cancel an assignment, so the assignor can fill your position. Repeat occurrences of turning back matches can be subject to discipline by the EVO.


If after reading this document, you have any questions related to payments please contact the treasurer directly at:


What do I need to do before my first payment?

Send a void cheque or direct deposit form by your bank to the Treasurer.  

Update your Arbiter account with your email address and your physical address (for the purpose of calculating mileage for tournaments). 

How much do I get paid?

It varies between levels and matches. Please refer to the Rate Sheet, under General Resources. For any other rates not shown on that Sheet, please contact the treasure directly. 

When do I get paid?

Payments happen around the 15th of every month for the previous months matches. You will get a PDF breakdown of your matches emailed to you usually before the 11th to verify before payment is sent out.

What do I do if my payment breakdown doesn't match my own records?

Please always make sure that your breakdown is correct, if not, email the Treasurer within 48hrs of receiving your PDF and advise of any discrepancies.


When do I need the full uniform?

For your first year of officiating you must have the official VC referee shirt and wear navy/black pants and white shoes (or as close to white as possible).

By your second year of officiating, you are expected to have the full official VC uniform.

Where can I get the uniform? 

·You can buy the uniform online. Find a link on the General Resources page. 


Why do I register?

Registration is a mandatory task all officials are required to do annually. The registration process provides insurance coverage while you work as a referee should anything such as an injury occur. It also allows you to participate in Volleyball Alberta & Volleyball Canada events.  In your first season, your registration is completed in conjunction with your clinic, you are registered as a Novice Official. Once you receive your badge, if you continue to officiate, you are required to register by between Sept 1st and Sept 30th each season for the upcoming season. You will then need to register based on your current badge level. Registration is required for VA & VC and your zones ZOC will send out information on registration before each season.  

At what age can I start officiating?

There is no required minimum age to officiate volleyball.  However, it is recommended that the candidate be 14 – 15 years of age or older.  Any younger than this, can lead to negative experiences for the official.

What do I do If I want to upgrade my badge?

Please read the information on our  Become an Official page and contact the Development Coordinator at

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the rules?

In the officiating world there are always constant discussions of rules, scenarios, and interpretations. Engaging other officials, Junior or Senior and having candid conversations about rules is always a good way to learn. If ever unsure about a rule and you require clarification please contact the Development Coordinator at:

What do I do If I have issues with a coach, player, parent or other official? 

Always make sure you are up to date with your Rules, Policies and Procedures, as well as your Code of Conduct.  If you ever have difficulty with anyone involved in your matches, Please contact the ZOC and President at &, respectively. 

Can I work matches for compensation if asked by a club, school or coach? Can I work games that aren't put into the arbiter?

Any match you work where you are getting compensation regardless of the type needs to be assigned through the arbiter.  If you are volunteering you are permitted to officiate those games but you must be out of uniform and nothing of value can be exchanged.  All games worked for compensation must follow the rate sheet or the zones compensation guidelines.  The easiest way to check if something is allowed is to email the Assignor or ZOC in advance.

Who do I contact about any other inquiries?

*Please refer to our Contact page, and email the right person for your inquiry directly.